Smartgrid One

For end users

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For end users


Our accessible mobile app is designed to make energy management understandable and easy to use for all your end users. Thanks to a range of intuitive features, end users can manage their energy consumption in no time.

For end users

Energy Central

User preferences are key to a personalized experience, and our app allows end users to easily set their preferences. Whether optimizing energy flows or scheduling charging times for electric vehicles, our app provides the flexibility to introduce users to the new energy transition. 

Monitoring becomes easy with our real-time energy power display and access to historical data - for inverters, battery systems, heat pumps, charging stations and the grid. 

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Charging station management

For end users with electric vehicles, our app offers a convenient scheduler that allows setting departure times and adjusting specific settings, such as managing minimum battery capacity. So you're always ready to hit the road with a full battery and maximum efficiency.


The smart grid controller is a smart link between all energy devices, taking personal preferences into account. This allows your customers to automatically save maximum energy. It is a personal energy manager for residential and business customers that takes real-time adjustments based on renewable energy (e.g. PV or wind), dynamic control of charging stations, battery systems, heat pumps, and other energy-consuming devices.

Here you will find a handy overview of the energy flows between your appliances and the electricity grid. You can see how much energy you have taken from the grid and how much energy you have delivered back to the grid. This gives you a clear picture of your total energy use and the live insights what you are doing to reduce your energy bill.

In this section of the app, you can find an overview of how much energy our solar panels are generating, as well as our current energy consumption. With this data, you can see in real-time how much renewable energy we are producing and how much of it is currently being consumed. This insight not only helps you become more energy-conscious but also helps you reap the benefits of solar energy and reduce your carbon footprint.

With the "Home" section of the app, end users have instant insight into their energy consumption at any time of day. Historical data is available through a convenient menu. This functionality allows you to track your energy use, identify trends and make more conscious energy choices.