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Energy Management with One Device

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Time for Smart Grids

In recent years, electricity continues to be produced locally, such as solar. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult to find a balance between production and consumption. This creates a need to be able to monitor and map all energy flows via a smart grid. Our offer: allow for smart consumer switching with our smart grid controller, Smart Grid One.

Energy Management with One Device

Energy Optimization

The smart grid controller is a smart link between all energy devices, taking personal preferences into account. This allows your customers to automatically save maximum energy. It is a personal energy manager for residential and business customers that takes real-time adjustments based on renewable energy (e.g. PV or wind), dynamic control of charging stations, battery systems, heat pumps, and other energy-consuming devices.


Our smart grid controller is designed to integrate your solar panels, charging stations, heat pumps, battery system, energy meters, heat meters, and more, allowing you to achieve efficient and sustainable energy management.

Optimization & Control

We help you reduce peak consumption and energy costs by adjusting to the availability of renewable energy (i.e. wind and sun) from the public grid.


Our umbrella portal offers you a complete solution for managing all your energy costs. This is also available as an app for your smartphone, allowing for quick insights into your energy consumption anytime and anywhere.

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