Smartgrid One

Why Smart Grid One?

Our Mission

Smartgrid One aims to help customers gain insight into various data flows and analyses, which will help them save time, money, and energy.

How does it work?

A smart grid is an advanced communications tool that allows for energy networks, connections, and devices to be more flexible. Basically, this means more efficient switching & coordination and therefore, better cooperation, of different devices within your energy system. 

Smart grids adapt energy demand to supply. There are many possible variations of circuits. Below we give some examples of how our smart grid controller can reduce your energy costs by 30%


After an automatic scan of the available network of consumers & production units, the smart grid controller installs the correct plugins to communicate and subsequently optimize. There are, for example, plugins for charging stations, heat pumps, solar panel installations, battery systems, and more. Optimization of energy consumption is possible through the numerous integrations with weather stations (meteo data), the imbalance market, the FCR market, energy suppliers, and the smart algorithms on board the controller.

In Practice

Take a look at our cases to be inspired by possible tailor-made solutions.