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About the Smart Grid Controller


Our smart grid controller provides energy-saving functions such as real-time adjustment on renewable energy (i.e. PV or wind) and dynamic control of charging stations, heat pumps, batteries, and consumers. Additionally, price changes, variable rates, time-based priorities and the impact of subsidy schemes are also taken into account.


LAN: 2 x RJ45

Digital I/O Addons:

4x Digital Outputs +
4x Digital Inputs 

PoE Addon:
100Mbps Ethernet port with PoE

Interface Addons:
2x analog 4-20mA input



Serial Interface: RS485

WiFi: Available
Digital Input: Available

Analog Outputs


GPIO Headers
Linux Operating System
SD Card Optional 


Remote Control Interface

Web browser + App


Our Smart Grid controller comes with a user-friendly online platform or an app, which gives you real-time insight into the operation and performance of your system.


Module Dynamic Load-balancing

Automatically setting the capacity:
The smart grid controller controls the maximum energy capacity of your charging station or battery based on your connection.

Consumption measurements:
The smartgrid controller continuously monitors the consumption of your building. eg. via the smart/digital meter (P1 port) or energy meter.

Distribute energy:
Taking into account the maximum capacity and the feedback from the consumption measurements, energy is distributed over the charging stations.

Module Scheduling

Setting (remote) charging priorities: You can adjust the charging priority of the EVs to the users' agenda and the availability of the cars.

Cost allocation module

Smart Grid Cockpit: The Smartgrid Cockpit provides an overview of charging sessions, costs, and income per charging point. A distribution key can be applied to the platform. The Smartgrid Cockpit provides an overview of the charging sessions, costs and income per charging point. An allocation key can be applied in the platform.

Electricity market functioning module

Direct Marketinglive (onbalans) en day-ahead inspelen op de stroommarktwerking.

Curtailment Module

With this module, the output power of your solar panel installation is adjusted based on changing market conditions, by using an external signal obtained from the energy supplier.

Online Portal

The Smart Grid controller features an online portal called the “Smart Grid Cockpit”, which offers you a user-friendly interface for controlling loads, a visual display of your energy consumption and production, user management, schedules with overlapping values, reporting, virtual meters, and analysis options.


Additionally, there is an option to personalize the platform, allowing for your corporate identity and logos to be accessible via your website. This ensures that your customers are offered a professional, trusted user experience.

Moreover, it is possible to make the portal available in various languages.

Exceptional Connectivity

Our Smart Grid controller offers you flexibility and versatility through the ability to integrate various APIs and protocols, such as Modbus, regardless of brand or technology. This allows you to easily connect your existing infrastructure and systems to our solution.

Smartgrid One